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how do I connect to linux server



Top site by the way, seen a few guides that'll I'll be reading later.


But my first problem is actually connecting to my linux server!!


I've had it changed from win 2003 (which I used to use remote desktop connection) to linux for various reasons but now I just don't know how to get on it.


Is there a programme I need or is it done through a web page? Any help would be appreciated.








I've used putty and I'm on. No idea what I'm doing now, time for some serious reading!




Have I got the right screen here...


[Image: putty.jpg]


I think I've done something wrong?


I'm on MSN if you want to chat about it?


yes you can use putty to connect FROM windows TO linux if the linux box has an sshd server running.


what linux distro are you running and what do you want to do with it ?


I've got a bit further by chaning set up.


I've got this now but because my server is in france the language is french.


[Image: linux.jpg]


i really hope you are doing the vnc session over ssh (or in windows case, putty)


are you ?



see here for more details




I'm using NX for windows at the moment.


can you advise on the command prompts for languange?


I'm on Ubuntu now.


Open a terminal and type:


sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales


Should give you the option to change it there


Quote:Open a terminal and type: 

sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales



Should give you the option to change it there




Im trying to install WINE now,


I have installed it...


Reading package lists... Done

Building dependency tree... Done

wine is already the newest version.


How do I run it? or will it already be running. If so how do I install programmes to run on it?


Thanks for your help!


I think I'm on track now, thanks for a brilliant site. Off to read your guides on ftp now.


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