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wine doesnt work.

Is there a way that I can do, “wine /media/LinuxSwitch/Web\ Site/dlfiles/FantasyGrounds.exe” and specify what version of windoze?




Yes you can. Check wine configuration--> Application Tab


[Image: screen_wine_setup.jpg]


Wine configuration can be accessed by typing:




into terminal and pressing Enter.


I clicked on Applications, Wine, Wine Configuration.


Here is the screen shot of it.



When I select Applewine.exe, for example, it sows “Windows XP” below. It is when I click on the “OK” button it closes. When I click or double-click on any item it highlights it. If I right-click it only highlights it.

You have to upload your picture somewhere and have a link for it b4 you can link it in a forum. Use the image icon in the forum and then paste the of the location where you uploaded it. For example picasa or tinypic etc

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