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Question about FTP Clients

What is the best utility to transfer html files from my PC to my website. I am using Linux Fedora fc9, Core 2.


Thanks in advance,




An FTP client, I guess.


Unless the server hosting your files runs SSH, then you could use SFTP or SCP.


Under windoze I was using WS-FPT95. I could try to make it work under Wine, but I would like to know about a Linux equivalent that works as well or better.








I think filezilla is in the standard fedora repos and if not it's probably in epel. gftp I'm pretty sure is in the standard fedora repo.

fireftp I've never used. But google is your friend when search for stuff like that.




I got FileZilla installed. It is almost exactly like WS-FTP95. However it does not save/keep Host, User Name, Password, and Port.


What do I need to have it save those?




Why don't you go explore the application yourself first?. If you even take the time to try and look how to. You would probably already have found out yourself.....


1. Click on the menu File

2. Click on site manager

3. Click on new site and give it a name

4. Fill in host, port, protocol, logontype, password,etc.

5. Click on Ok then go to site manager again.

6. Select your host and click connect.

7. Restart filezilla and see for yourself that your hosts are saved




I think you should have first said, “Ease down young grasshopper!”

Thank you for the advice you gave. I find it interesting that it does not keep that data in row across the top, but when I click on File, and then Site Manager... It is there that I click on Connect and it connects as saved.




Quote:Thank you for the advice you gave. I find it interesting that it does not keep that data in row across the top
If you mean stuff in the QuickConnect bar, then I find it keeps a history of connections in the drop-down to the right of the QuickConnect button.


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