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Clueless in Grub

I Installed Fedora Core 1, and when it asked me what other os's i wanted in the GRUB list at start up.


For reasons not completely clear to me, i just put Fedora on there, which boots fine. Now how do i get my windows xp on the list?


Situation Updated:


I removed my ide cable from my linux drive, to see if windows would boot, it did, which leads me to believe my GRUB was located on my ide drive. Now I assume its booting off of my original SATA drive.


My idea was to simply remove and replace my ide cable as needed to control which os would boot. However it seems that my computer refers to my SATA drive to boot now, which just boots windows.


How would i give priority to my IDE drive in Bios? right now it is a Slave on the primary IDE cable


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