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What does your setup look like at home?

What does your setup look like at home? Here's mine :)



[Image: 20111229_132514.jpg]


At present I have just moved my server under the workbench in my office (to the left), sitting under the right side are a new Ubuntu tower built for the missus and a new tower currently with Windows7 (neither connected). I am looking at getting a 22" monitor to wall-mount above my desk before bringing a new tower online.


In the other room is a works machine running a ubuntu image that the missus is using (but will be replaced by "Logan", her new machine).


I am planning on building a new machine to run both as a server and a media centre and house that in the lounge to drive the new telly I'm getting, which will deprecate the server in my office.


I currently have a laptop on my desk upstairs that's rarely used (not finished preparing it yet) and this company netbook that I spend most of my time on. Although the screen isn't great on it (and not capable of playing HD video), it's lightweight and easy for small admin tasks.


(due to an illness over Christmas, most of my setup reorganisation has gone on hold! Gah!)


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