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the entire site has been upgraded which involved a fresh install of fedora core release 4 on a different machine, an old P3 550mhz, 384mb ram, 2x40gig hd's


i then compiled mysql/apache and php and ported the site over via the latest backup file from yesterday.


all seems to be ok, if you notice anything unusual let me know






Nice anyweb


the place i work's decated server is Fedora Core 4. it stable


it running Apache 2. and PHP 5 ad mysal 4.11 :)that came with the package of Fedora core 4.


Good luck mate

all seems healthly from my end, in fact i didnt notice the switch .. not until i read the topic in #linux-noob.. and then spotted the new favicon ;)

Quote:and then spotted the new favicon wink.gif

you are the first to notice !


expect a 'test' coming up very shortly (i've a bunch of 10 icons or so that i want to randomly be displayed






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