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New Noob on the Block

Hello Everyone,

I am Noob No. 1051.

I have been trying to use Linux distributions for a year now. Right now I have FC4 on an 845-based system.

Am still not very thorough with things because of the lack of time. I intend to get better and stop relying on Windows anymore.. muahahahahhahaha!

I have signed in to a few user groups but do not see too much activity and lower productivity. This site seems to be more interesting and hope to gain a few friends and also help a lot more with what I learn.


Here is to us Noobs! *cheers* :)




Welcome, have fun here. :)

Quote:Welcome, have fun here. :)


'Allo! Yep, intend to Zony. Danke.



salute :)

welcome to the forums !


we pride ourself on helping noobs of all types here :)


you can also get live support on IRC, connect to an EFNET server and join #linux-noob





welcome welkomen etc etc o_O ya my german sucks :P yay 1051!

Quote:welcome welkomen etc etc  o_O ya my german sucks  :P  yay 1051!



Hahaha.. :)


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