Poll: which distro listed here do you prefer?
fedora core
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Best linux distro? at least in your opinion?

Quote:To me, a good Linux distro has to have: 

1. Guts: Many distros I found are what I call "chicken" -- they shoot the OS in the foot by not including the package for MP3 support or not including controversial items.  Some others include the package anyway or make it real easy to find the package.  I prefer those who are willing to peacefully disobey the RIAA/MPAA/DMCA to promote our fair use rights.

2. Good hardware support: Duh?

3. User-friendliness: GUI, GUI, GUI for all 'ye config needs!


So Kubuntu (a derivative of Ubuntu) has these things, althogh wireless and my touchpad don't work too well there.  I voted "Ubuntu" :)


You may like SimplyMEPIS going by your shopping list, multimedia works, works out of the box, Debian base, KDE desktop, synaptic for install/updates, very stable etc.[on my IBM laptop wireless and my touchpad just work]








Ubuntu, without a doubt.



Well, unless it's my shoutcast server, which will be running Gentoo in a weekish or so.


fedora core release 4 for me !


linux-noob.com runs on Fedora (CR4)





Fedora Core!

lol My server once run on Fredora, GREAT time!


umm, umm..


do thine eyes deceive me? [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ohmy.png[/img]


there is no option for 'Archlinux' [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_mad.gif[/img] , or at least 'Other'


this is utterly disappointing.


i hereby declare this poll, void. lol :P





Archlinux is the best imho, pacman is awsome, and abs is a blast.

it's teh fastest distro around imho[that i've tried] even faster than a stage 3 gentoo, with most of the apps compiled locally.

and it's also non-restrictive, the customizability of gentoo, yet easy enough for those willing to learn.



check it out.. www.archlinux.org :)










btw gentoo would be second, as portage is awesome. i just don't have the patience... and the guides and documentation beats that of most if not all commercial sources.

i learned most my stuff there, even when i broke archlinux, with my burning edge unstable software.. i was able to fix with help the help of posts on the gentoo forums.









so if i'm not getting the chance to vote arch, then i vote gentoo.

I voted Fedora Core. Have used ubuntu and had a look at SuSe 10.1, all good distros, but I just love fedora, its easy to get installed, but you still have to do a little work with it, just enough to lean, but not too much to put you off.

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