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New here
Sup, my name is Branden and im 22. I currently live in central Florida and am going to school for computer programming and analysis(AS).

welcome to linux-noob :)

so, what os/distro do you use?

Fortunately im using windows right now. This is only until I can get a router in my room, since Linux doesnt support most linksys adapters. :( . Im thinking of swapping out the router that my parents use with the adapter that way I can run a distro, and hopefully permanently :). Another reason Im not running it is cause I just built a new computer and has been a while to know which distro supports my hardware. :(

hi and welcome to the forums


you could dual boot windows/linux on your computer


consider using a noob friendly distro like fedora/suse/linspire/mandrake


good luck





Well I appreciate the greets, Im going add a post in the other part of the forum for my problem since this is the greet room :P . I will specify my problem after this along with my specs and maybe one of you pro's could help me out. And i'm also looking forward to meeting new people. :)
welcome uncle.b :)

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