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the 'how do i' topic is now streamed live

hi, the 'how do i section' of [/url] is now streamed live to our #linux-noob channel on Efnet (IRC) via a bot (fabio). Thanks flukex for getting it to work

sample output below


Quote:* carl_ ( has joined #linux-noob* |Cold| ( has joined #linux-noob

fabio - the how do i topic is now streamed live - [url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=1566][/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=1566]

* pivot has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)

in other words, within one minute of posting in the how do i section of, your post will be broadcast on the IRC channel so that others may help.





top quality... thanks to both flukex and anyweb :)

and for those of you who didnt already figure it out this site is RSS ready


i've enabled RSS feeds so click on the RSS button and you'll get your very own up-to-date posts from


see attached screenshot !





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