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slight change to the forums

I have made a slight modifications of users rights,


from now on (unless you all disagree) I have disabled the ability of GUESTS to post new topics or reply to topics. This might seem harsh, but it isn't in my opinion. I have created the forums and want people to use it as a resource, so if users want assistance the least they can do is sign up,


what do you think ?





I think it's good. :)
I think this would be wise idea, as you can get more "new member" and better for security.
I would have to agree considering people take time to write the tutorials etc... atleast you could have the curtesy to sign up and give support to those who worked so hard to develope this ( anyweb )...

yea its a good idea, also using a bit better security :)stopping unregistered users from

flooding. not that it has happend yet ** touch wood **


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