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nvidia drivers and fedora core 3

what hardware have you got exactly and please note the error message for us in its entireity


exactly what point does it kernel panic ?


try booting to another kernel version (in grub) and that should load fedora just fine






I have Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 400.


Mount: error 2 mounting ext2
Mount: error 2 mounting none
Switchroot: mount failed: 22
Unmount /initrd/dev failed: 2
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!


From there, I can't do anything.


I tried to load another kernel, and there I have nothing but a command line.

after a few hours of "try and error" I finally solved my problem... I re-installed fedora without formating.
I was going to ask, if someone in their spare time help me with installing these drivers. I don't have a printer to print all this code out and I am on a dual boot system. I am too new to Fedora to correctly do this without a mistake. If anyone at all would be willing to install my nvidia drivers through ssh (Anyweb, I know you did it before but I reformatted to have the dual boot how I liked it) it would be highly appreciated. I can prepare the system to non-graphical mode, and give you the access to do it from there. Thanks for any help, hope to be successful in progressing to learn more.

we'll get you sorted no need to worry, look me up on IRC






Awesome I'll be there for sure. Thanks a million. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]




Just a footnote: I followed this guide (and Anyweb's earlier one) on an XBMC install, based upon Ubuntu 10.04.3 - the script ran fine, but the files got installed into another location and some symlinks pointing /usr/X11/modules over to /usr/X11/nvidia-current didn't work properly.


I tried creating another directory and moved some of the driver files in there piecemeal, testing X by creating another config file and starting it with that one, and managed to get a display working but without the OpenGL drivers, which XBMC needed. I ended up uninstalling all nVivida packages, ran the script, installed nvidia-alternatives then re-ran the script... and everything worked!


This is for a 6600GT dropped into a small shuttle PC that I'm going to use as a media player, so the card doesn't need to have exceptional performance, but good enough for a widescreen analogue TV.


Anyway: I mainly wanted to express my thanks to Anyweb and all other contributors for their forum posts on this one. Trying to decypher the Xorg config files, understand cryptic messages in the log files and configure a graphical display without any consistent tools is damned frustrating. I deffo wouldn't have attempted it without raiding these posts for some useful information beforehand.


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