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spyware on windows

use Mozilla or use FireFox or use Opera or get a clue !


look at this poor users Internet Explorer !! ;)







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LOL nice spyware. I've seen some of kinds, my dad been accept some downloads and he got alot of spyware on his/mom's PC and i wasn't happy so does my mom. I have to reformat the hard drive and give it a fresh start. i implant the norton Internet Secuity, Anti-Virus and Google toolbar to stop all those pops up. now My dad never get any changce to download thos things because the popup always blocked.


They should be more aware of secuity things and do not tust any those tird party software. such as Gain etc...


Nowday there is improvement - Services Pack 2 been release in Augs, it got block pop up and ActiveX blocker. it useful for newbie users.


if they are gonna use windows, then remove access to internet explorer and install mozilla or firefox or opera instead, 9 out of 10 users won't even notice. and its much safer with no activex






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