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Fedora Core Release 2 Screenshots

no mp3 yet, but thats ok

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to get xmms to play mp3's get this plugin [/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=518][/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=518]

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Where is the gkrellm system onitor because i can't find it!! it wasn;t installed and i can't find it under add/Remove packages either! i want it!

I installed the Fedora core 2, the gkrellm wasn't there, all i did just apt-get install gkrellm


now the gkrellm's icon is in the menu. :)hope this help ya


"E: Couldn't find package gkrellm"


Sooooo, it didnt work or i messed it up. :)


phryx: You need to do this: apt-get update. then apt-get install gkrellm


Hope this helps


My little laptop running gnome with terms only right now, currently looking for a nice splashscreen to go with the current background so i dont have to make one from scratch.


Hope you all like it. :)




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