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how do i get SATA drivers to install Fedora test 2

I have a GA-K8N Pro motherboard with only one drive.... Samsung 120GB SATA drive on a Silicon Image 3112 sata controller.....


can't seem to find any drivers to install Fedora Athlon64-build FC2 test3 with.... there are some on Silicon Image's website for RH9, but those are only for SATA RAID.


if someone could point me in the right direction to where i could find some SiI3112 drivers, i'd be very thankful





Gigabyte K8N-Pro mobo

OEM Geforce 6 6800ultra

Athlon 64 3200+

1GB DDR400 ram

Samsung 120GB sata drive (2 partitions; 1 empty 40gb for Fedora, 1 used 80GB with Windows XP 64-bit Edition for Extended Systems Trial Version and Windows XP Professional)





test 2 is a test,


please try Fedora Core Release 2


it is out tomorrow !


and it's the final version :)





And SATA works in FC2 release :)
No problem with Raptor S-ATA and Fedora Core 2 here

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