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Hello from K0rnz



My nick is K0rnz and I've only been using Linux for about 8 days now. I decided to switch over from Windows XP Pro as a new year's resolution. I do have another computer in my home that has Windows XP Pro but it belongs to my wife and I try to avoid it like the plague.


I initially started off with an old Redhat 8.0 CDs which I had downloaded and burned many moons ago but never got to install them. Then I installed Redhat 9.0 and was told in the #redhat EFNET IRC channel to get Fedora Core 1 which I am now running with no problems.


Only problems I've run into is the up2date feature fails to connect sometimes.





Hello and welcome to the Linux Noob forums :)


Just curious, have you tried installing apt/yum yet...they can help you immensely when trying to keep your system up to date :P


welcome Kornz, im sure you will enjoy your stay here and make some new friends and learn lots about linux,


who knows, in the future you could be advising others how to fix their common linux problems


all the best and once again welcome to the :)






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