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NFS - Problems

How, for the love of me, do you get that stupid NFS working properly?


1. I cannot install from CD-rom with bootdisk. (Cdrom doesn't support CDR'S)

2. I cannot install over the internet. (Locks up halfway through the install)

3. I cannot figure out NFS. (Starts to install then can't find the files)



Wooooo whooooo




whats that ?


network file system. Kind of like sharing a directory in a MS network


at what point does it error on the nfs install


what exactly are you installing? Are you using the rpms? apt-get? up2date? NFS is really easy to setup. Here is a quickie.


First you need to add the filesystem you want shared to /etc/exports.


Example for /etc/exports:

[root@paradox root]# cat /etc/exports



Now you will need to start the portmap daemon (service portmap start) and nfs (service nfs start). To make this always start at boot issue the chkconfig command: chkconfig nfs on && chkconfig portmap on. Now with your share dir added to /etc/exports issue the exportfs command as root:


[root@paradox root]# exportfs



This is now sharing out the /nfs dir on the box to any ip in the range, with read and write priveleges.


- grep420

Thanks that's awsome grep420, Thanks for your help. I'll give it a shot and let you know how it turns out. Thanks.

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