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PowerShell now available on Linux (Centos, Ubuntu, RedHat) and MacOS

Microsoft have just made PowerShell (a programming language developed by Jeffrey Snover and available in Windows 7, 8, 10 and other Windows operating systems) open source, and available to Linux and MacOS.


Wow !


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I use PowerShell at work to do many things, fixing problems and checking for particular settings, it's a really great programming language and anyone with a Windows computer (or now Linux or MacOS) can try it out.


It will be made available on GiThub (production version shipped in nano-server), one codebase that runs on Windows and Linux with all the benefits of open source.


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From the very beginning PowerShell was very community focused which has driven it to this day. To learn more about this incredible news, watch this video on Channel 9.


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I finding the PowerShell got limited commands and it does not feel the same as Linux's however this is interesting WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).


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