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site will go offline for a while

due to unforseen circumstances, will go offline tonight January 8th 2009.


At this point I cannot say WHEN it will come back online,


I received an printed letter today (2009/08/jan) stating that


1. a user has complained that an email received from (entitled happy new year from 3rd January 2009 - 10:16 PM) was spam (it wasn't, see below)


copy of email sent too MEMBERS of


Quote:hi {member_name}, 

this is a short email to wish you seasons greetings from and we'd like to see you back, and not only that we'd like to see you writing reviews of linux (get famous !)


The review section is here > and as you can see it needs NEW reviews.... so if you want to review your chosen distro, whatever it is, then please contact us


heres the mail address >>


please do take a moment to drop by and say hello, and feel free to contribute


thanks for your time and happy new year from




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How to unsubscribe


Visit your email preferences ({board_url}?act=UserCP&CODE=02) and ensure that the box for 'Send me any updates sent by the board administrator' is unchecked and submit the form

and that


2. a webserver called breaks the ISPs terms and conditions (point 4.1, appa\rently you are not allowed to have a webserver providing a service or information to others)


As this contradicts the ISP's terms and conditions, I have been given until 2009/09 at to fix it (ie: take it offline)


I apologise for this in advance and hope to have everything back online again very soon,


until then, adios





I've now ordered a server (dedicated) and will begin the transistion phase


in the meantime may be down for a day or more


apologies about that.





server back up now

please report any issues in this thread

Site is much more responsive now. Keep up the good work!

thanks dude !


it's thanks to you that it's faster !


i'll do up a thread explaining what had to be done to move the server and it's websites, might help some poor sod some day




Site is way fast.. glad to see you back up.. :-)

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