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External mouse help needed !

my external mouse(uses a cord and is laser not a ball) has started to stop working on my cp at first it was working properly but it just started failing to work today i have a Dell vista basic Inspiron.1525 (intel/celeron inside)thats everything thats on my laptop.


Everytime i plug in my mouse the laser comes on and off and its really frustrating my touchpad is working perfectly but now my external mouse is malfunctioning or something its either the mouse or the computer (i place my bets on the cp)

i will post screenshots in a few minutes so that way it will show what i have


on the bottom of my mouse heres everything on the back



product no.GM324AA

Model: M859PU


Rating: +5V_ _ _80mA

Produc of China (B) Please help me tell me what i have to do so that way my mouse will work properly when i try to use it :(


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