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Smoothwall stuck

Dear admin,


i am using smoothwall aprox. last 8 months & that period I never feel any problem in it. but last few weeks I feel a problem frequently & that is the smoothwall stucks. & a problem I discover or u can say that the solution I adopt is change IP address of its RED interface & its working again properly. but my point of view its not a solution.

Nowadays, in our country, we face lot of power failure problem. that why my smoothwall server abnormly shut down 10 to 12 times daily. but this practice also starts a long time ago & i never felt this problem.

If u have any solution of this problem, kindly reply me.


thanx in advance.





if you get power cuts daily then do as follows


get an UPS or run your smoothwall on a laptop like I do (in a docked situation)


that way even if power cuts out the battery of the laptop keeps the smoothwall running for at least an hour


just a thought





Is the problem that smoothwall comes back up with an incorrect IP address? Or that when it restarts after a power outage the different IP address will then cause some smoothwall rules to fail?


A UPS will keep the machine up and running for short power interruptions (and will also smooth power fluctuations/ripples out, preventing instability issues) and the server can also be comfigured to cleanly shutdown if power does not return after a pre-defined period of time. My server is powered by a UPS and when it receives notification that there has been a power outage, it begins a clean shutdown in 15 mins (if the power returns, the shutdown is cancelled) - so at least I get no file corruption.


I know that last part may not help you, since if you have a problem with dynamic IP address on the RED interface (external IP, right?) then any power outage will result in a new IP, UPS or not - just that the UPS can prevent brief outages rather than longer ones.


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