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How to install JDK and Intellij IDEA on ARM/Samsung series 3

Hello all!


So I am very, very new to Linux.  I am also new-ish to coding.  I'm currently learning Java and purchased a Samsung series 3 chromebook for the sole purpose of practising code (eventually moving to slick 3d).


I have JUST installed XFCE using crouton and have gotten Firefox using the Synaptic Package Manager, woohoo!


I would like to find out how/which JDK I need for this device and how to install Intellij IDEA.  I've tried searching around for a little while now and feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information regarding this, not only new OS, but new architecture (ARM).


Basically my main goals are to be able to get the proper JDK and a Java IDE up and running.  I have read that Intellij IDEA may or may not be available yet for the ARM processors in which case using Eclipse would be just as fine.


Any help is much appreciated!  Thank you in advanced!


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