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Where do i start???

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The best thing (besides reading some books) is probably to install some Linux distro like Fedora Core (on another PC or in dual boot mode) and play with it. Set yourself some goals and try to achieve them. You'll find lots of information on Google and you'll get help here of course. :) Good luck.

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If you're willing to invest a bit-o-cash I'd recommend picking up "Running Linux" from O'Reilly. I have the 4th edition (I think that's the latest) and it's got a lot of useful information. Great to use for reference, though I'm currently reading it cover to cover. It explains a lot of the basics which is rather hard to find.


Like others recommended, install a distro on a box and set some goals, or maybe download Knoppix and play around with it.


Good luck

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#1 don't buy O'Reilly Running linux unless you need a hardcopy. You can read it online from the www.oreilly.com website. Linux Cookbook is also a good book, which you can find online as well. The distro that I recommend is Debian, because it is stable, secure, and you will be challenged enough to learn more about how linux works. I highly recommend reading the debian reference manual and the user guide first before you install it. Also the installation guide of course. I have tried a few distros. I first installed debian by using the first two sarge cd roms, and then buy using apt-get over the internet to install the rest. Kpackage and aptitude are really good programs that you can use at first. Another good distro that is gaining popularity is mepis. It is a debian derivative, and is pretty user friendly. You can check these out at www.debian.org and www.mepis.org and www.mepislovers.org Debian isn't as user friendly for noobs, but it is a really good distro. Gentoo is good as well from what I have heard. Good Luck!!

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