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ipw2200 hangs when idle

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I just installed ipw2200 drivers on my Toshiba A50; everything works great until I leave it alone. I haven't pinpointed when exactly it dies, but whenever I leave the machine idle for a little while (long before it hibernates, mind you), eth1 just drops. Googling hasn't yielded much so far. Anyone seen this? Is there a way to prevent it, or at least get the connection back up?

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try opening a console with


ping www.google.com


and see does it still die, perhaps it's a power management thing...





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Just got home, fired up my laptop, downloaded my mail, and the connection was dead before I finished reading it. Pings result in 100% packet loss though ifconfig still shows an IP address assigned to the device. Pinging that IP from my (wired) desktop gives "Destination Host Unreachable"


Edit: I just noticed something. When I manually take down eth1 with ifconfig, the network applet still shows signal strength of 100%. When the connection "dies" on me, the applet shows no signal strength - despite my being maybe 20-30 feet from the wireless router.

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