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RPMS=Package Management System

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I have noticed that this website is very good for helping all the new people. BUT I have also noticed that most people are not *that* new to this or to a computer and it's technical bits.


So for someone like me, where can I find a crashcourse in the basics of Linux?

Where can I find the meanings of the short terms for stuff, like RPMS=Package Management Systems.

This I found out in the chat (thank you!) but what is it? what does it do? What does it mean?


For a total newbie (total!) - is there a little thing I could read?

Or would anyone be so kind to explain it to me like the computer illiterate that i am, but dont want to remain? ;)


Thanks guys!



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Linux.org has some articles in its "Courses" section that can help get you started. While I am by no means an expert, experience has shown me that most of your learning comes by doing. Tutorials, whether online or in a book, give you enough info to get you up and running, but generally assume everything works as it should. It is when things don't work as you expect that you really start learning. Subscribe to a mailiing list, spend a lot of time googling whatever problems you are experiencing - that is where you will learn the most.



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Thank you Johnny!

I had a wee look at it and it looks like something for me.

I need to have explained to me that something is not only a distro but a ditro is a..... you know?


Gracias :D

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