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non-recursive Tar

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Is there a simple way to do a non-recursive tar. 


I've come up with a few sites that say there is a flag -n for it, but the distro (fedora 3) i'm using doesn't have that option.  Any other alternatives?


please explain more cause i didnt understand

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hm, not sure If I can make it any clearer but I'll try. Lets say I'm making a gzip tarball.

tar -cvzf archive.tar.gz foobarDirectory/

This will tar everything in foobarDirectory including all of the subdirectories in it, hence being recursive.


I would like to know how would I go about taring a directory that doesn't tar its subdirectorys, but just the contents within that directory. A simple flag doesn't seem like an option as I looked in the man page and didn't see one. So, I will need to find an alternative, and if anyone could help that would be cool. It would probably involve a find piped with tar or something, but then again find is recursive also so I don't know.

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find foobarDir/ -name *.jpg -maxdepth 1 | xargs tar -cvzf backup.tar.gz



tar -cvzf backup.tar.gz foobarDir/*.jpg


GNU tar also offers the "--no-recursion" parameter (kinda bad documented) where it skips directory contents.

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