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fedora core 4 video

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check it out !



if you get the following error (or similar) in mplayer


'Fatal error!

Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device'


then set the video playback within mplayer's internal preferences from the default of


xvmc XVideo Motion Compensation


gl2 X11  (OPENGL multiple textures version)


restart mplayer after making changes.


proof below ;)





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if the tool works then i use it,


feel free to point me to something linux based that can do what Microsoft photo story can




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WMA :( what other formats can be done?


lots .. your point :lol:


WMA in a non-Microsoft environment?!  That's a big no-no! :P


nonsense.. produce a video to invite people to see the wonders of linux in the Windows formats... that sounds absolutely perfect to me... :P


after all.. we linux users can easily view it.. whilst Windows users might not know about getting Real, Quicktime etc etc.. ;)

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