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Increase L2 cache

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Your system may come with more than 256k of L2 cache, but Windows NT may not be recognizing all of it! By default, NT sets the L2 cache to 256k (or less). If your motherboard has more than that, it's time to dive into the registry. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management. Find the following value name: SecondLevelDataCache.


A data value of "0" is default, which sets the L2 cache to 256k. If you have a different amount installed, set its value in decimal form. If you have 512k cache, set the entry to 512 in decimal (200 in Hexadecimal).


It's almost like a free upgrade! Again, this only applies to workstations running Windows NT. If you have to ask what any (or all) of this means, please skip the tip.

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