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How to update Mozilla 1.2.1 in Red Hat Linux 9

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The version of Mozilla shipped in Red Hat 9 is Mozilla 1.2.1.

Since then, some newer versions have arrived, and if you'd like to install the latest version (at the time of writing this it's 1.5 which is alpha, but we'll use the 'stable' version).


To start with, get on over to http://www.mozilla.org and download the latest rpm's, or actually, the latest fully packaged installer, for Version 1.4 you need this:-


mozilla 1.4.tar.gz


Once you have downloaded it, you'll need to decompress the file.



Open a console and type this:-


tar zxvf moz*.tar.gz


-z processes the gunzip portion of the file,

-x extracts,

-v is for verbose (so we see messages) and

-f is for local file (or something like that ;-))


heres my output:-


[anyweb@c-72aa70d5 mozilla]$ tar -zxvf mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu-1.4-sea.tar.gz




















[anyweb@c-72aa70d5 mozilla]$


Now that we have it all unpackaged and decompressed, lets install it.


Login as root by typing su -

Now change directory (cd) to the path you decompressed the tar file to, in my case it was /home/anyweb/rpms/mozilla


[root@c-72aa70d5 root]# cd /home/anyweb/rpms/mozilla/


The installer is in the /mozilla-installer folder so lets cd to that and get going


[root@c-72aa70d5 mozilla]# cd mozilla-installer/


To 'run' the installer we use a ./ command to tell linux to 'run' a file.


[root@c-72aa70d5 mozilla-installer]# ./mozilla-installer


click next and choose your type of install, i chose complete (2nd option).


Thats it!. Once done lets test it (it should auto-start, if not lets start it)


type cd /usr/local/mozilla (thats where it wants to install by default)


then type ./mozilla


that should bring it up, click on help/about and it should say Mozilla version 1.4

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nice article. i have came accross a similar situation..


what is the latest browser that we can install on redhat linux 9 ? can we install chrome ? or firefox or opera ?which latest version ?


basically  this pc is behind microsfot Threat management Gateway (TMG 2010) proxy server.  and it requires authenticaiton (Active directory useranem and password) . and the stock browser is not able to brows internet sites. i have entered proxy settings in browser settings but everytime i get a tmg page with error that complains about proxy authentication and at no point mozilla browser prompts for password. 




browsing will be done lightly only to read html sites etc.i am well aware of the fact that internet is not as simple as it used to be . but i wnat to be able to do some light googling.

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