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Just loaded Fedora Core 4

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Please bear with me, complete noob to linux :unsure:


Just loaded FC4 for the first time las night. First mission is to get it connected to the net :)


My laptop hasn't got a network card init (yet) but for the moment I am connected via a USB network thing (According to my network configuration, under Hardware, its a Pegasus/Pegasus II USB and yes, its Ethernet). The light on this is flashing, so I know connection is going into there.


I've tried pinging in terminal and all I get back is "Network is unreachable". I've also tried the browser, can't connect.


I've logged into my router (which is a Netgear DG834G) and looked at connected devices and it only shows up as this desktop being connected.


Any idea's how I can get connected?

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