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Okei heres my problem.


This user from my lan needs to send some files over a dial up network outside the lan but when he dial up and estabilish a connection with the remote computer the local computer lost the local area connection (lan), network drivers are disconnected and that stuff.

Isnt there a option on the modem properties to specify that when a dial up connection is estabilish do not lost the connection with the lan?

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Hello, it sounds like the LAN and Modem are setup on the same device, which is weird :(


How is the modem connected, try and describe the connection. From what I read there .. I assume:


|PC| -> Network Cable (eth0) -> | LAN
 ------> Modem (???) --------> | WEB


To help us work this out.. connect with the modem and do ifconfig copy that information for us. Then connect the LAN and do the same.


Also would help to know the distro?

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