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please drive modem

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i would like to at-least attempt help you. but i don't understand your question.

it is both unclear, and vague.



sorry if i came across as aggressive, i didn't mean to.

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Thanks but look




not found link :(

please put modem download link here

i in waits :P




i've provided alink ot a downlod page on softpedia.. i ddin't supply a direct download as it's likely that the mirror will change..

instructions on building this module, should accompany it.


[untar_with] tar xvfz

or ur fav archive manager


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thanks ,,,,,, :)

but slow speed very very very :blink:

please put free speed




well i don't use a modem so i can't help you through this..

however i use archlinux, and we have this package in our repos... i just installed it and it's created





so maybe you should try, using slmodem-alsa instead, if it's available for you...


just /etc/rc.d/slmodem stop && /etc/rc.d/slmodem-alsa start

at a terminal/konsole



i also fished up the gentoo guide for installing and configuring this package.. it may also help, i know gentooo's not ur distro, but the gentoo guides are, in my opinion, among th best manuals around, better than even stuff from microsoft.


btw - i did a google search and it appears others have had this problem, but no-one seems to know a solution


[gentoo_guide| http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_slmodem#Introduction ]


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I go using fedora 4 :D



i didn't notice that,,, sowweeeee :blink: ...


that sucks though dude, i had a couple modems that worked a long time ago, with different drivers, I'd send em to ya but unfortunately i donate them both to my school for use in lessons. ;)

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