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Very Frustrated with Installing Screensavers...

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So, I've downloaded a couple sweet screensavers that I would love to get working. One is smoothslidesaver and the other is kcometen3.


I've done this so far:


*change to root using su*
make install
make clean


I look in my Desktop properties under screensaver, but neither one of them is there. I have also tried to just goto


in the terminal, but it's not listed there either.


Help! This is so very frustrating to me. I just want a screensaver!



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Are you using fedora? .. if so yum install it rather than from source. it is likely that you installed it in /usr/local could be that KDE is expecting it in a different place. Also I believe there is a kscreensaver package which repacks the xscreensaver stuff (not sure about that).



yum search screensaver

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I'm actually using Suse 10.1 I should make that a little more clear each time I post something, but all of my info is in my sig.


Anyways, I'll look into that. Thank you very much for the reply. Where does KDE expect it anyways?

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