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Coming back to Linux. Need Advice, please.

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Ok, back in 2000, 2001, I was starting to use Linux at home for a few things, and I really wanted to get further into it.

Learning admining, server set-ups, etc...

So I bought a few books about it.

Well, things happen, and I got away from it, but now I am ready to get back to it.


My question is: Should I use the old books I still have, or go buy new ones?

The ones I got reference RedHat 6.1 as the new version, so that should give you a time-frame.


How much has changed since back then?

I know the GUI has gotten more developed, but what else?

I guess I should also say that I am aware of the Fedora Project and all that.

I have still followed the linux news, but haven't installed anything lately.

I have also downloaded the Fedora 6 CD set, so I am ready for that as well.



Thanks for any advice!

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those redhat books are great for all the command line info they give (CLI) I have the same ones,


however a lot of what they refer to is obsolete so the best way to find out and learn is to get installing that FCR6,


we'll help you and make sure to checkout the IRC channel as well (in my signature) plus we have a dedicated area to fedora 6 right here




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