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How many times have I seen people using SSH aliases to shorthand the long statements they need to type to login:

alias ssh-home="ssh -p 12345 znx@somelong.hostname.com"


Now whilst this eases the pain, you are missing some real magic that SSH and BASH can provide you! So lets get started:


Edit/Make the ~/.ssh/config

Host some
  HostKeyAlias somelong.hostname.com
  HostName somelong.hostname.com
  User znx
  Port 12345


Now what's that all about you say, well now the original long top line can be replaced with:

ssh some




But that's not all, you can infact setup BASH to provide you with a tab completion on those new short hostnames!


Edit/Add to your ~/.bashrc


function _ssh() {
 local cur
 if [ "${cur:0:1}" != "-" ]; then
COMPREPLY=( $(awk '/^Host '$2'/{print $2}' $HOME/.ssh/config) )
 return 0

complete -F _ssh ssh sftp scp
complete -A hostname ssh sftp scp


Edit/Add to a ~/.hosts  some.long.host hostname other.long.host host


To update the current shell you are running do:

source ~/.bashrc


Now here is the magic:



At which point you will be given the option of "some" or "some.long.host". Better than all that is this, when you edit your ~/.ssh/config or your ~/.hosts to update or add a new host, it is INSTANTLY in your tab complete.




ssh home
ssh work
ssh somefriend
ssh here
ssh there


;) Love Linux ;)

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