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how to install windows media player?

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you might be wondering why im asking for the windows media player installation whereas there are mplayer and vlc. yes, i already have those on my fedora core 6 and they are working properly.

my problem is im using a transcription tool called express scribe that can only be run on linux thru wine. i was able to run mp3s and dss files but except for wav and wma due to codec problem. so, i thought on installing windows media player to get the needed audio codecs to play wav and wma.

initially, i installed vlc thinking that it can 'share' its codec with express scribe but to no avail it seems vlc has exclusive use on its built in codecs.



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hi anyweb,


thanks! but i already have mplayer and vlc player that's able to play wma, wav and most audio/video codecs outside WINE environment.


i checked the express scribe website and they suggested to install windows media player to download the required codecs to play wma. i was able to install windows media player 9 including internet explorer 6 from ies4linux. but wmp9 was having problems on downloading the codecs because the link appears to be garbage. i also did download the codec updates for wmp9 but still it keeps looking for new updates on the web.


so right now i'm following what was advised on making wmp9 download it's required codecs. the only work-around that i can think of is to manually install the codecs but how?


thanks again!

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can you give me a link to the content you are trying to play and i'll test it here




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