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Have to run xmms from command line and need...

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Hi, we're running a fedora core 7 server which we have to run in command line mode for reasons to do with an issue with backup software. We also want to start using XMMS as a hold music server, but because of the aformentioned conflict, we need to also run xmms in commandline mode. we'll therefore need to create our play lists manually. What I've been unable to find is a really clear example of what the format of each line in the playlist should look like when we're creating it in a text editor. Can someone please show me an example so that I can start creating my own.




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There is the nice simple PLS files, which xmms can use along with others. It is really a simple file too:




Save that as file.pls then just xmms file.pls

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Btw. you can use something like that:


find /mnt/some/place/with/music/Artist-Album/ | grep .mp3 >> something.pls


It will create playlist with all the mp3 files in /mnt/some/place/with/music/Artist-Album/ :P


Just thought it might be usefull for you.


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That grep would miss files name something.MP3 or something.Mp3, you can use the -iname option on find to improve that:


find /mnt/some/place/with/music/Artist-Album/ -iname '*.mp3' >> something.pls


Good idea though, it would help create the pls file :)

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