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How do I change KDE's startup background color?

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When starting kde on my system, (I use startx from the command line), I did not like the way that KDE would startup with a baby blue background and then transition to my configured background color. I wanted a way to make the color consistant from the start of the X server until my default desktop was up.


KDE starts with the command "exec startkde" usually found in ~/.Xclients-default or ~/.Xclients. "startkde" is a script that, on my system, is in /usr/kde/3.1/bin/ (your system may be different).


Within that script are the following lines:


test "$XDM_MANAGED" || bkg="-solid #000000"

xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr $bkg


As you can see, the startkde script uses "xsetroot" to set its initial color. I have mine set to "#000000" which

is black but you can set the color to anything you like. You can use a utility like "gcolor" to pick a color code that you like or you can use the utility here to experiment. http://www.imagitek.com/bcs.html

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