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convert rrd to xml and save in same directory as rrd

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I have to convert a ass load of rrd files to xml to be imported via a newer version of rrd. The way i was thinking of doing this was to use the following script:



for rrd in `find / -type f -name "*.rrd"`
	  echo "Converting $rrd"
	  rrdtool dump $rrd > $rrd.xml


I haven't tested that yet, that was just my initial thoughts on doing this. What are your thoughts? After converting them, i was going to use rsync to send all the xml files over to the new server. Once on the other side, i was going to use something very similar to the above to convert the files back to rrd format. Ritter and znx, what are your thoughts on this?

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Hi :)


OK, well first thoughts are that your find is a bit too wide, you should probably just do either current directory or a specified path. Also I like stripping off the rrd extension so you don't get file.rrd.xml. For instance:


if [ $# -eq 1 ]

for RRD in $(find ${ST} -type f -iname "*.rrd")
   echo "> Converting ${RRD}"
   rrdtool dump ${RRD} > ${RRD%.[Rr][Rr][Dd]}.xml


You say you want to rsync it, obviously doing this would be easy enough to amend to the end of the script by simply rsync'ing the ${ST} path to somewhere remote.

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