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nx, freenx fedora 8 problems

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after loading up Fedora 8 I discovered that an application I use everyday didn't work anymore. FreeNx is like remote desktop for Linux. I use this to do things on this server everday and discovered that when I used the client application I would connect but when it came to displaying the remote desktop the program just crashed out. After about a week of looking around and asking questions someone finally enlightened me on what to do to fix this issue. Please see below:


So I suggest:


- checking security contexts

- checking /tmp/.X11-unix/ for correct permissions and creation:


$ mkdir -m1755 /tmp/.X11-unix/


If it still does not work, changing DISPLAY="unix:$display" to DISPLAY=":$display" everywhere in /usr/libexec/nx/nxnode.



This worked for me! :P

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Could it be related to xhost restrictions?

$ xhost +

To enable access to all hosts to X?

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