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Broadcom native support

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Hey dudes!

Is broadcom support native nowadays?

I want to install linux again, but I want to know if broadcom is supported natively.


Also my question is, is the Intel 915GM supported properly yet?

So far I have tried several distro's but none of em support lower resolutions, which I need to play some windows games. (Vice City and The Sims mostly)

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well dudes I just installed it and I can tell you this.....

It's not native support, but when I statup the HARDWARE DRIVERS thing in ADMINISTRATION....I can just activate the driver and after areboot, my WiFi card works perfectly!

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I had problems getting a Broadcom network card working under Fedora6 on an HP DC5700 (minitower).


HP's forums indicated it was a TG3 card, for which I could download a module - they provided me with a link along with instructions, which were simply a matter of extracting a tarball, compiling (make/make install/etc) then dropping the compiled .SO file into the relevant directory - /usr/lib/something, I recall. Then I had to alias eth0 to "tg3" in /etc/modprobe.conf and networking worked without issue.


Fedora 7 didn't have this problem, but when I checked I noticed that the tg3.so file was already in place, and aliased in modprobe.conf - so it looks like native support was included from that version.


You may want to check your files/directories as mentioned above to see if they indicate native support in ubuntu.

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