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Can remote login via ssh terminal but can't open volume in Krusader (via FISH)

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I have a wireless net between an outbuilding and my house. The ISP service comes into the WAN port of a router in the out building. A WiFi bridge in the house connects to the external router, the bridge is connected to the WAN port of a second router which creates the internal home network.


Inside the house on the internal network I have a Linux appliance with an attached USB drive for storage. It supports SSH but not FTP (and no repos to pull additional protocols from, so adding software requires compiling or hacking).


I have forwarded port 22 (soon to change) through my internal router to the appliance. From a workstation on the outside network in the out building, I can open a remote terminal on the appliance using

"shh <exteral_IP_of_inside_router> -l <username>", but using the same parameters and the FISH (FIle transfer over secure SHell) in Krusader returns "Error: Could not enter folder". Krusader (and WinSCP) connect to the appliances storage fine on workstations on the internal network.


I've also discovered that both SCP and WinSCP via WINE can access the appliance across the inside router, but with widely fluctuating transmission speeds and dropped connections.

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Can you ssh using those credentials okay?


If so, try using sftp (or lftp to connect over sftp).


I've not used FISH, but I've mounted a remote directory over SSH/SFTP through "Places>Connect To Server" on Ubuntu easily enough.

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