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Screenshots of 12.04 Beta 1 [img heavy]

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Here's a rather disorganised and random set of screenshots from the beta of Precise Pangolin LTS (12.04), which was released on March 1st, 2012.




A nice touch -- I think the installer detected my location as in the United Kingdom, and pre-filled the timezone and keyboard layout settings.




The desktop




A few new Appearance settings for having a little bit of control over Unity.




The obligatory "here's this site in the target OS" screenshot.






Interesting new privacy preferences, which allow you some control over the information Ubuntu and applications remember about your computing session.




It is a beta OS, so it's not stable just yet!




Updated LibreOffice, RhythmBox as the default music player...




The Software Centre, still looking pretty similar to 11.10.

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Thanks for the screenshots! Looks nice :) Although I've got nothing with unity, so hopefully next month Mint 13 LTS will be out and I can install that

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