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Help with switches

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Hi all,


This is my first post, I've been using lemur for about a week and have decided to try to build my first template. I've been looking at the manual and other peoples templates to learn from. So far so good, lemur is deep and I want to learn all I can about scripting in it. So far I've setup CC's, NRPN's, Note messages, simple stuff really. I'm trying to understand switches now. I was able to get a basic single switch working with a CC and a sysex message. But I need to use radio buttons and more than one set of them to control my synth. 
Here is what I'm trying to accomplish. I have 7 switches which are arranged in 2 sets of 3 radio switches and 2 individual switches. I would like to figure out how to read all the switches when any single one is clicked, and then assign each switches value (0 or 1) to a variable that I can use in a mathematical equation. So an example would be... one of the switches is clicked and all 7 switches are scanned and I get 0 or 1 variables returned on each switch ie. s1=1, s2=0, s3=0, ----- s6=1, s7=1. 
I would greatly appreciate any assistance that could help me figure this out and learn scripting better. Also any advice on the best way to monitor for debugging?
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