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Suggestion #1


Personally I think you should open up the forums for Linux/Hosting Topic. I think there are a lot of people that would love to move from IIS *Ahem* and move to apache.


Suggestion #2


I think since we are dealing with linux, and opensource, I would have to think there should be some sort of PHP topic. I think that PHP topics would help invite more suggestions, and more *ahem* movement to apache *ahem*.


Suggestion #3


I think that Anyweb should move from IIS to Apache *ahem* *ahem* *ahem*....

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ill certaintly consider it if you can help me convert 450GB (thats approx half a terrabyte of data) from NTFS to a linux based install.


right now i dont have the time for that, and i lack the knowledge of apache to commit to apache right now, the reason im using IIS is becuase i wanted to prove to myself at least, that IIS is not a swiss cheese, if its administered correctly'



when i get the time and get home ill start updating the topics sections more


but until my son comes out of hospital i dont have too much time,





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