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Converting ntfs to ext3

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i don't know if it is possible but if so i'd like to know how,


without losing any data i mean :)




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If your kernel supports ntfs and you have enough free space to store the whole ntfs partition, you can do the following:


assuming your current kernel supports ntfs format

and you have lots of free space some place


mount [ -t ntfs ] /dev/hdaxxx /mnt/ntfs

- du /mnt/ntfs  -- tells you how much spare space you need


cd /mnt/ntfs ; tar zcf /some-place-with-tons-of-space/ntfs.tgz *


umount /mnt/ntfs



# be sure you have your data saved first ...


mke2fs -j /dev/hdaxxx


mount /dev/hdaxxx /mnt/ntfs

cd /mnt/ntfs ; tar zxvfp -  /some-place-with-tons-of-space/ntfs.tgz


sync ; umount /mnt/ntfs


put the data where you want it ... /mnt/real-ntfs-mount

Since Partition Magic 8.0 supports ext3 and ntfs, maybe it can convert it on the fly, but i can't seem to find any info on that.

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