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IPv6 questions

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I have a questonnare about Ipv6.. because I've had a hard time trying to get this to work.

When I finally made my own ipv6 ip, with help from btexact's tunnelbroker, I got this up:




and I assigned 'shangri.a.la' to it from afraid.org


But, I can only get those to work in local network. :blink: Both have ping reply here,

but not online. What do I have to do to make them work, both on this workstation and\or the router? Ive added fowarding for protocol 41 as displayed somewhere, but nothing yet.


Using fedora core 2 on Cisco 677, nat dsl.


Please help :o

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Are you sure you forward IP protocol 41 and not TCP port 41? Does your WAN-IP respond to ICMP echo-request? Did you setup the tunnel (ip -6 tu sh), interface (ifconfig) and routes (route -A inet6) properly? Are you able to ping the IPv6 IP of your tunnelbroker? We need more details to help you on this ... it could be 1000 reasons.



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