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Full Version: time to change the site's 'catch phrase' ?
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hi all,


the site is starting to gain traction now and I wondered about changing it's catch phrase,


its in my signature and on the top of the page


'linux-noob: forums, tips, news, reviews and stuff :-)'


with the amount of noobs joining here and posting there problems perhaps we should make the phrase more indicitive of that,


ie: something like


'linux-noob: created by noobs for noobs'


or whatever, so please get your creative hats on and post some decent suggestions here peeps


thanks !




linux-noob - friendly advice, news, tips and tricks for the fellow noob



In fact, why choose one? In true L-N style, we could pick a few of the best and cron-rotate them!

good idea !


cmon guys, help out here !




linux-noob: the place where you learn, just like we did.


linux-noob: Probably the best noob forum in the world


linux-noob: when you want to go from learning to helping


linux-noob: where all the ot babes are


:P friendly, informative, hard-core linux action -- take a peek
linux demystified noobs in the know, helping noobs grow
once you post you just can't stop

Quote:linux-noob: Probably the best forum in the world

I've changed the above one a bit, and I like it a lot !


reminds me of beer, and beer and linux go well :)

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