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Ok, those of you who read my Linux is Slow thread know that I had a lot of fun getting linux to run at a decent speed. But IT WORKS!! Well minus reader rabbit in wine. But not a big deal. I'll probably try again some time.


New project, and this is going to be harder. I'll do it in DOS if I have to, but I'ld rather do it in linux. The nice thing is I CAN do it in Dos. So if all else fails, that's where I'll be going. Anyway here goes...


I've got a 486 laptop with 16 meg of ram. All I want to do with it is run a slideshow. That's it. Boot up and slideshoow starts. Nothing else. To get the pictures on the system I will be taking the hard drive out, putting it into another machine, mounting the drive and moving them over. So I don't need networking, I don't need a keyboard, mouse, anything but the slideshow.


Here's what I'm thinking. I need a very stripped down version of slackware(or maybe RedHat 7.x?), svgalib instead of X and ZGV.


Nothing is ever that simple. So here go my questions...


1. How do I get rid of all the stuff I don't need to make my linux distro lean lean lean, like as in lean enough to run on a 486 with 16 meg of ram.


2. How do I boot directly into the slideshow bypassing the login altogether?


3. What other problems am I going to run into.


Thanks in advance...




You will want to try: ZipSlack [/url][url=] it is designed

to run on machines with only 8MB of ram. Then just install open office on it.


You will want to try: ZipSlack [/url] it is designed

to run on machines with only 8MB of ram. Then just install open office on it.


I'm sorry I'm a little lost. Why would I want to install Open Office? It's HUGE and processor intensive. I'm sure it would KILL a 486 computer. However, thanks for the info on the distro, I'm looking into it. If it will run on a 486 with only 8 meg of ram it could be perfect assuming I can gut all the stuff out that I don't need. Hard drive is only going to be a 2 gig drive.


You will want to try: ZipSlack [/url] it is designed

to run on machines with only 8MB of ram. Then just install open office on it.


Ok after an initial look I'm thinking this will be perfect. Only needs 100 meg of hard drive space!!!! Yeah! Maybe I won't have to strip anything off. SweeT.


Thanks for the TIP. OOOH and I can install from a Zip Drive. PERFECT since I don't have a CD ROM on that laptop but I do have a Zip Drive. I'm getting giddy with anticipation here. I'm still going to use my original plan of svgalib instead of X and ZGV. I'll let you know how it goes.

i have used zipslack at one point or another to 'revive' antique hardware. it defn one of the better distros for running on low spec machines.



I think you can use a ZIP disk: [/url][url=] that tells you

how to install it. When in DOS just access the zip disk instead of Floppy disk drive :)

No progress here yet. I've been too busy. But still plan to do this.

Any progress??? I just tore apart an old laptop and started to build a wood box to build a picture frame...


Worst case, can someone reccomend linux slideshow software that I can start from a command line??

I downloaded slackware and installed it. Anything that looked like I wouldn't need I didn't install when install the packages. However, on the developement stuff, I thought I might need to compile some stuff so I probably installed WAY more than I needed there. I wanted to make sure that I would be ale to compile anything I needed.


I did NOT install X. I did install SVGALIB. And seejpeg. seejpeg even has a slideshow option, a randomize, option etc... seemed perfect...


So... I run seejpeg and it works... sorta... I flip to a graphic screen with really weird stuff above and below... and about half an inch that shows a portion of the image. It is bizzar. If I choose a different mode... like G800x600x256 then I get text above and weird stuff below. No errors though.


Is this a problem with my SVGALIB installation or a problem with seejpeg???



Any help sorting this out would be appreciated.

Well looks like I fixed it....sortof


I uncommented this line in /etc/vga/libsvga.config


chipset vesa


I run seejpeg with the following parameters...


seejpeg -c -F G800x600x16M -s 30 -r *


That works pretty well for a randomized slideshow with 30 seconds between showings...


Problem is that all my pictures are 1600x1200 so only 1/4 the image shows at a time. So I need to resize. You are suppose to be able to scroll to see the whole image. I can't I don't know why this is. I can scroll horizontally but not vertically. I can scroll through the image twice horizontally. Weird


Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the progress. I may reinstall slackware yet again to see if I can get rid of some packages I don't need. Unless someone can tell me how to remove packages without reinstalling.

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