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Full Version: Knoppix Install problem?
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Hey ,

I have Fedora core 3 but i had problems getting the CD-Burner to configure .. the CD drive was recognised yet it did not config. So i looked around a couple more distros and was told Knoppix should work ok, So i downloaded the lastest 3.6 Live-Eval and installed using Sudo Knoppix-Installer. The installation was a complete success the CD-Burner works and the sound works without any drivers, unlike windows which didnt work with the sound on the laptop. Now i have a problem "Knoppix does not ask for any user details what so ever. Now when i went to install the flash plugin I need the root password which I dont have as i never set one" Does anyone no if this is a standard thing and there is a standard password for it. Or how i can get around it and change it.


During installation you should have run "passwd" to change the root password. I haven't "installed" Knoppix yet but if you don't have root access to the distribution use the Knoppix live cd and boot from that one. In order to change your password mount the partition where Knoppix has been installed to and chroot to it. You might be able to change the password using "passwd" there. If not clear the password field in /etc/shadow. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]

Cheers man ..

i found out that there is no root password ... it just asks for one for somereason

i just went into console. and typed SU then passwd and set one :)